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Natural Insecticide from Neem Seeds; Version 1.0; ...
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Title : Natural Insecticide from Neem Seeds; Version 1.0; Spanish; accent from Argentina; 3gp-LIGHT VERSION
Version : 1
Authors : Seufferheld,F., J. Bello Bravo...
Abstract : Naturally occurring insecticidal compounds can be extracted from neem seeds and sprayed onto crops to prevent pest insect damage. This 2 minute and 33 second animation explains how to sort neem fruits, dry them, remove their outer shells, sort the seeds, grind them, mix the powder in water, filter the mixture, and then prepare the solution necessary for spraying on the crops. The video is in Spanish with a Argentinian accent and is in the cell-phone ready 3gp format.
Language : Spanish
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Agriculture and Life Sciences - 100%,
No of views : 446
Literacy level : 20
Last updated : 2/27/2011 8:45:09 AM
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