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Triple bagging: a safe way to store cowpea seeds t...
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Title : Triple bagging: a safe way to store cowpea seeds to prevent bruchid damage; Portuguese; accent from Brazil; 3gp; LIGHT VERSION
Version : 1
Authors : Bello-Bravo, J., L. Steele, T....
Abstract : Cowpea bruchids (Callosobruchus maculatus) can cause significant damage to cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) seeds in storage. Instead of using chemical pesticides to control these bruchids, this animation shows the use of hermetic sealing of plastic bags (triple bagging) to minimize pest damage over long-term (multiple months) storage of the cowpea seeds. This allows farmers to save their seeds for a time when this commodity has a higher market value. This allows for safe storage of the cowpeas without the use of pesticides. In the video, which can be used on smart phones, we describe the steps needed for hermetically sealing cowpea seeds in a series of plastic bags. The two inner bags are for hermetic sealing and the outer third bag, which is made of woven material, is used to protect the inner bags from damage. This approach can be potentially used for other stored product pests. The voice over is in Portuguese, with an accent from Brazil, and the video itself is in the cell-phone ready 3gp format LIGHT VERSION.
Language : Portuguese
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Agriculture and Life Sciences - 100%,
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